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Belize is a small Central American country with a population of only a few hundred thousand people. Provision of services - such as the registration of offshore corporations and foundations, the establishment of trusts and issuance of financial licenses - is the primary focus of the Belizean economy. Belize is a peaceful and comfortable place to live. Health and longevity are enhanced by the warm sun, the fresh Caribbean breeze, and the dense vegetation. Millions of people across all continents have been affected by the pandemic, which has wreaked havoc and disrupted their way of life. The division of people into vaccinated and non-vaccinated, restrictions on movement, and deprivation of rights are just a few of the issues that Europeans deal with on a day-to-day basis. There is no such lawlessness in Belize, and there never will be. Our people are truly free and happy! Low population density, the absence of overcrowded subway trains and street crowds, summer all year round makes our country an ideal and healthy place to live and do business. If your task is to establish an offshore company or to find a best place to live for your family, our website will provide you with all of the answers you need to succeed! Since 1993, we have specialized in the registration of offshore corporations in Belize and other jurisdictions around the world. Our employees are Belizean citizens who work and live in Belize. Our UK and US offices helping those seeking to establish an offshore corporation in Delaware or England. Greetings and welcome to the YHLA GLOBAL website! We are available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

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The global economic collapse caused by the pandemic in 2020-2021 triggered a global financial crisis. It is critical to select the appropriate jurisdiction for your business. For many years, YHLA GLOBAL LTD has been registering companies in various countries. Only a few places on the planet do not have our clients! Belize, the United Kingdom, and Delaware are among the most appealing and dependable jurisdictions for establishing your own business. Correct business process architecture, tax optimization, and location prestige are three pillars on which your new venture will be based. If you choose the wrong pillar, the whole structure will collapse. Company formation in Belize is an important tool for tax planning.

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Since 1993, Titoff Realty has been the largest offshore company registrar. We can meet our clients' most complex situations thanks to offices in Belize, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Belize Offshore

On a map, Belize is in the Central America. Belmopan is Belize's capital and the location of all government offices. Belize City is the country's largest city, commercial center, and port. Belize has a distinct natural environment. Tourists flock here to take in the views of exotic landscapes, relax on white beaches, and explore the world of rare animals and plants. The underwater world is also one-of-a-kind. The Great Barrier Reef is home to a myriad of amazing fish and marine animals. Every diver's dream is to dive in Belize.

For businesspeople, the country's main attraction is its offshore status. An offshore company registered in this tax-free jurisdiction is fully exempt from all taxes. There are no annual reporting requirements. A fantastic solution for businesses and organizations! Instead of wasting valuable time in the corridors of the tax office or the tax police, you can fully immerse yourself in the business process.

Documents required for incorporation

Documents necessary for the registration of an offshore company include a passport and a utility bill. Water and electricity bills are accepted as they are for the use of a utility. However, mobile phone bills are not accepted as they can not be used as the proof of the mobile telephone holder's actual address.

Important information

Name and endings of the company- one of the following corporate endings is required: Corporation, Ltd., Corp., Limited, Societe Anonyme. Unless licensed, the name cannot include words such as insurance, bank, trust, Chamber of Commerce, building society.

The entire incorporation process takes less than 24 hours. The procedure is easy and straightforward. A client chooses a package (we offer three), completes an online application form, and awaits an invoice from us. The entity will be incorporated within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Company formation service is available Monday through Friday. Weekend orders will also be accepted but will be processed the next business day.

Restrictions and prohibitions - some activities require licensing. It is illegal for offshore companies to provide services or sell goods to Belizeans. In Belize, an offshore company is not permitted to own real estate. For this purpose, a local company must be registered.

The authorized capital is $50,000 USD. It is not necessary to deposit it in the company's account. In other words, this figure can only be found in corporate documents.

The directors of a company can be either natural or legal persons.

Shareholders are subject to the same requirements. They can be either natural persons or legal entities.

A secretary is not required. There are no legal requirements for an offshore company to have a secretary.

Reporting - There are no requirements to report to Inland Revenue or other government agencies. When you register a company, you only indicate where you intend to keep your company’s financial documents.

Confidentiality of Information - The Belize Commercial Register is not open to the general public. There is no way to obtain information on directors or shareholders. The only hope is a court order or an Interpol request. (USA)

Benefits of an offshore company

You must have heard terms such as "offshore company" and "offshore company registration" many times. In the world of international business, the importance of offshore companies can hardly be overestimated. And if you still pay huge taxes, this article is for you. Here we will look at what an "offshore company" is and what are the advantages of registering an offshore business in such well-known tax-free jurisdictions as Belize.

Offshore company

Offshore company is a company or legal entity incorporated outside the country of permanent residence in jurisdictions where taxes are either absent or minimal. There are many reasons why business people register offshore companies, but the main ones can be considered tax optimization, complete secrecy and the withdrawal of business processes outside the country of their location.

Offshore companies are also known as non-resident companies or international business companies. The fact is that a tax-free harbor that registers an offshore company exempts it from all taxes, provided that the offshore company does not conduct its activities on the territory of the tax-free harbor. So by registering an offshore company in Belize, you can work in any country in the world, however, you are prohibited from providing services to citizens of Belize itself, but this can really be upsetting, because the population of the whole country does not exceed 400 thousand people! What kind of business is there with the residents of the country! Maybe enough for chocolate and biscuits!

Benefits of setting up an offshore company

The main advantage of an offshore company is the ability to conduct international business without any restrictions. The most important advantages of using an offshore company should be attributed to its exemption from all imaginable and inconceivable taxes and reports. An offshore company does not submit monthly reports, quarterly or annual reports! An offshore owner can fully concentrate on doing business.

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