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  • International Business Company (IBC)

    Choosing the name for your International Business Company can be a challenging task but it is a critical step in the offshore company setup process. The name is the first thing that your clients will see, and their first impression of your company will depend on it. The name of a Belize offshore corporation must end with the following words ”Limited”, ”Corporation”, ”Incorporated”, or ”Ltd.”, ”Corp.”, ”Inc.”, “GmbH”, ”S.A.”. There are restricted words such as ”Bank”, ”Insurance”, ”Assurance”, “Royal”, etc. Registration of such names is only allowed upon obtaining of a license. So, if you want to use the word “Bank” in the name of your company, you have to obtain a banking license from Central Bank of Belize. In order to use the word “Insurance”, you need to obtain a license as per INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE ACT CHAPTER 269, REVISED EDITION 2000. The Act says that no company may transact any international insurance business in Belize unless that company holds a valid license issued under the Act.

    When it comes to naming your International Business Company, you should avoid name that is similar to the name of an offshore company already on the Register. The IBC Registry of Belize will reject any application for incorporation of an offshore corporation when its name is the same as, or too close to the name of existing company. The name of your International Business Company must be unique. Below are several examples of ‘same-as’ names:

    Offshore Inc Limited is the ‘same as’:

    Ofshore Inc. Limited;
    Offshore Inc Ltd.
    Off-shore Inc Limited
    Off-shore Inc Ltd.

    Please let us know if you need to check the availability of an International Business Company name, we will do it for free.

    Restricted Words

    There are certain names that will be rejected by the IBC Registry of Belize on the grounds of certain words being ‘restricted words’. Restricted words are those that are offensive or those which suggest a connection with Belize Government or a local authorities. You should not use any offensive words and expressions in the name of your company, such name will be rejected. It is best to seek our professional assistance and allow us to guide you through the incorporation process of your new offshore corporation.

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